The underlying roof material is modified bitumen. Roof surface was cleaned and prepped before application. Necessary repairs were made to existing roof before application. Bleed trap was applied first to prevent asphalt from bleeding into silicone and yellowing the color. After bleed trap, seams and penetrations were sealed with a fibered silicone. Silicone top coat was then applied at 40 wet mils. After silicone top coat application, safety walk pads were applied. Granules were applied to safety walk pad top coat to provide traction.

Existing Roof Surface

Existing modified bitumen roof surface. Modified bitumen is a ten-year roof material that is applied with a blow torch.

Bleed Trap Application

Bleed trap is applied to block asphalt from yellowing the silicone’s white surface.

Completed Application

Final application of silicone roof coating and safety walk pads.