Existing roof repair had to be removed prior to application. The cook vent had previously been repaired with a torch down rubber roof. The existing roof repair’s adhesion failed and water began to build up underneath the material. Seams, fasteners, and panels were cleaned after roof repair removal. Seam tape was applied to the metal roof seam to create an expansion joint. A fibered silicone coating was then applied to seams and fasteners. A silicone top coat was applied at 60 wet mils.

Existing Roof Repair

Existing roof repair had been coating with an aluminum roof coating. Existing repairs must be removed prior to application to achieve adequate adhesion.

Roof Repair Removal

Roof repair was taken back down to the metal roof and cleaned prior to application.

Completed Roof Repair

After seam and fastener application, the final top coat of silicone was applied.